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What is Respite?
Respite (res–pit / verb) : to relieve temporarily, especially from anything trying or distressing; give an interval of relief from.
Who does Family Respite Care Services provide respite to?
FRCS provides a monthly Friday Night of Respite in both Beloit & Janesville. Parents or caregivers, living in Rock County or the surrounding area, of youth who have special needs qualify! Parents are able to register once per month, allowing them to drop their children (with special needs AND siblings!) to the program site closest to their home at 6pm. During this time, FRCS’ volunteer respite care providers entertain and supervise the youth with activities structured for their age and level of care.
What if my child doesn’t have an official diagnosis?
If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please contact FRCS Executive Director to discuss in more detail and we will do our best to match you up with appropriate respite services.
What is the cost?
The average costs for respite care is $10 per hour. FRCS reduces this rate in an effort to provide respite care at an affordable rate.
What ages does FRCS serve?
Families with children, ages newborn to 21 years-old.
How many are served annually?
During the months of September 2014-May 2015, FRCS served 266 individuals! This number does include the parents / caregivers who received respite, the special needs children that received fun recreational activities amongst peers, and their siblings who often times become 2nd caregivers.
How do I become a board member?
Read the FRCS Board Member Agreement then complete and return the application found here.


How can I volunteer?
Contact FRCS Executive Director for more information on volunteering, or download and return the application found here. You can learn more information by reading the FRCS Volunteer Policy.
How much time am I expected to commit?
This is totally up to you! There are three Nights of Respite a month, one each in Janesville, Evansville, and Beloit. Each night runs from 6-9, with volunteers needed from 5:30-9:15pm. Volunteers can help out at as many nights of respite as they can, for the time that they can.
What is night of respite?
Night of respite is a service we provide for families of children with special needs. Parents sign their children up ahead of time to participate. On the night of respite, children with special needs and their siblings participate in crafts, games, snack, and other fun activities with their peers while their parents have a well-deserved break. Children with special needs are paired with their peers to engage in peer play during this time. Siblings are also separated into groups based on age. There is also a nursery area set up for children under 4. Each site is set up slightly different based on need.
If I volunteer what would my responsibilities be?
Volunteers are set up with a group of children for the night. A schedule of activities is set up ahead of time, and all directions and materials are provided. There are usually at least 2 volunteers in a group (with a ratio of at least one volunteer to three children). New volunteers are paired with seasoned volunteers to learn routine. Children wear nametags, and there is always an extra set of hands around to help out. There are also junior volunteers (high-school students) that assist with activities as well.
How long does night of respite last?
Night of respite take place on Friday nights and occur one Friday a month at each site. Night of Respite for the kids is from 6-9, however, we do ask that volunteers show up around 5:30p and stay until 9:15p to help with set up and tear down.
What if I can’t commit the full 4 hours at my site?
We are flexible to your needs as well! If you can only commit to a certain part of the night, arrangements can be made. We have many volunteers that start at 6:30 or 7 due to work obligations, or need to leave at 8 for family obligations. Also, if you have a hobby or skill that you would be willing to do a particular activity that would be great! We would be interested in all sorts of entertaining activities such as magicians, musicians, or visits from therapy pets.
Can I bring my children?
Of course! We just need to have that information ahead of time so we make sure there is enough volunteers per children. Also, teen children could participate as junior volunteers.
How do I sign up to volunteer?
Go to our website www.rockcountyrespite.org and print off our volunteer form or friend us on Facebook (Respite Care) for updates on events and special programming. We also provide opportunities for the parents in our program to participate in Café Connections. This program is intended to allow parents of children with special needs to gather and get some of their own needs met.
When does Café Connections meet?
Café connections meets for six week intervals through-out the school year on Saturday mornings in Janesville and one Tuesday a month in Beloit.
What types of volunteers are needed for Café Connections?
We will need volunteers for café connections to assist with providing childcare for the families who participate in our clients.


How does Corporate donations benefit FRCS?
FRCS regularly applies for funding through local community foundations and charitable giving programs, while maintaining an active calendar of fundraising events. Corporate donations assist FRCS by providing a surplus of funds that can assist with programming efforts, transportation stipends for our volunteer respite providers, and can eliminate unnecessary overhead expenses.
Is my donation tax deductible?
YES! FRCS is a 501C3 NPO. Our CES # is 049962, issued April 18, 2007
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