Night Of Respite / Sibs' Night

Family Respite Care Services' central program provides a monthly Night of Respite and a Sibs' (sibling’s) Night to qualifying families within Rock County and the Stateline area. This program offers a special place for all children to attend once a month at one of three community sites within Rock County: Evansville, Janesville, and Beloit, WI. The Night of Respite and Sibs' Night are facilitated by trained and qualified providers under the supervision of the program director. During Sibs' Night, a group setting atmosphere gives siblings the opportunity to interact freely alongside peers who share similarities at their home setting. These similarities include the causes and effects of having brothers or sisters at home that have an increased level of care.

In addition to caring for children affected by special health care needs, this program allows parents to receive a break from the day-to-day stressors. Parents receive enjoyment of the gift of time; meanwhile the children also enjoy engaging in fundamental social activities. Families and caregivers enrolled in our program have commented that they use this gift of time as a way to rejuvenate by reconnecting with their significant others, running errands, or even simply completing house chores. By reducing day-to-day stressors and allowing parent's time away, Family Respite Care Services(FRCS) promotes family stability. Parents have commented on how FRCS programs reduce their level of stress and allow opportunities to receive that much needed break away.

Special Education Workshops

Workshops are scheduled every 1-2 months at Orchard View Alliance Church on a designated Saturday morning from 10 am -12:30 pm. Presentation topics will vary based on the requests we hear from parents, providers, and professionals within Rock County and the surrounding areas. Minimal participation fees will be requested to offset meals and childcare expenses. 

Orchard View Alliance Church

Respite Registry

Respite care is the most requested service from primary caregivers and the most difficult to access. Funding is usually so inadequate that families have to wait as long as 4 years to receive financial assistance to pay for the service. Families are also challenged to find qualified Respite Providers to deliver the direct care needed.

We actively recruit individuals to provide respite care. Each respite provider who joins the registry receives an orientation and the opportunity for continued professional technical assistance and support.

Contact information for respite providers on our registry is available to caregivers.

Along with the FRCS Respite Registry, there is also a statewide registry. The Respite Care Association of Wisconsin Statewide Respite Registry offers parents the ability to locate a provider by county, online profile information about each provider, background checks, and respite care training information.

Find out more at or by contacting Erica Neal at (608) 222-2033 or toll free (866) 702-RCAW (7229).

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